Flexi Box - Customize Yourself A Dream Box!

Flexi Box - Customize Yourself A Dream Box!

When it comes to making our customers happy, we are very FLEXI-ble!

Generously packed with our natural and Ayurveda-certified bestsellers, Bella Vita Organic brings you a FLEXI Box that offers you a perfect opportunity to pick products of your choice and build a box that suits all your needs!

Keeping this idea in mind, Bella Vita Organic has come up with an idea to give its consumers the liberty to create their own beauty regime with its customizable boxes. “Build A Box” by Bella Vita Organic is a unique segment where people can choose between various options provided in every category. The segment has been designed to simplify the shopping experience for customers. It also allows people to build their own beauty regimes that have not been pre-designed by the brand giving them control.

Taking another step forward in simplifying lives, Bella Vita Organic has now added another gem to this segment as a FLEXI BOX. As the name suggests, the unique box lets people choose any four items of their choice at just Rs. 999/-. Creating a buzz, especially at the price point, people are going crazy to shop from their favorite brand for their favorite products.

What excites most about this deal is people can shop the best sellers from the brand to create something incredible in terms of self-care needs. Adding to this, the best sellers by the brand are not just what they claim to be the best, their best sellers have been accepted by a wide audience worldwide and hold the “Best Selling” tags on every e-commerce platform that one can think of.

Speaking of the price point, the brand offers a premium range at an extremely pocket-friendly and affordable price, and now with their FLEXI BOX as an option, it has taken the market by storm. The choice to build yourself a box with anything you want from their skin, hair, and wellness categories is really helping people make their own choices.

The brand’s unique take of making lives simple for its consumers is breaking records in the beauty industry. Setting major goals, Bella Vita Organic is truly a new age ayurvedic brand that keeps things simple, authentic yet exciting for everyone! So, solve any skin and hair concerns with Bella Vita Organic.

Click Here to Build Your Own Flexi Box

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