Cucumber for Skin care: Magical Benefits of Cucumber for Skin, Face & Body

Cucumber for Skin care: Magical Benefits of Cucumber for Skin, Face & Body

Today’s agenda is to be as cool as cucumber!

One of the most refreshing, nutrient-rich, and cooling vegetables out there is cucumber. It has a high water content that helps to regulate the water balance in the body and is highly recommended to maintain your health as well. With its cooling properties, cucumber has been an integral part of our skincare products, especially if you have sensitive and dry skin to soothe irritation and inflammations.

Cucumber is made of 96% of water which makes it a hydrating ingredient in any skincare product. And especially during summers, Cucumber is a boon as it’s filled with essential nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Suitable for all skin types, cucumber is an excellent source of silica, a mineral that improves your skin, leaving it hydrated & rejuvenated. To help you understand more, team Bella Vita Organic has listed down why and how you can use cucumber for various skincare woes.

Cucumber Benefits For Skin

If it’s good enough for your salad, then it’s for your skin as well. Cucumbers deliver inflammation-fighting Vitamin C and when we apply it to our skin, these nutrients provide a rejuvenating effect to your skin.

Soothe Inflammations

Cucumbers have a cooling and soothing effect on your skin that benefits people who have irritated and sensitive skin types. Well, it’s suitable for all skin types as it has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing swelling and morning puffiness.

Hydrates Your Skin

Cucumber keeps your skin hydrated while improving elasticity and firmness. With a lack of hydration in our skin, we can see the visible differences which might look dry and flaky and prone to wrinkles and fine lines. Cucumbers contain polysaccharides that help the skin to retain moisture. To be exact, cucumbers contain 96% water as it allows to provide your skin hydration. Well, cucumber has health benefits as it keeps you hydrated all day long.

Maintains Skin Health

Cucumbers contain plenty of nutrients and vitamins that give an upper hand when it comes to skincare. And Vitamins play a major role in our overall health but are effective in supporting your skin health when applied topically. Loaded with antioxidants, they help to fight oxidative damage caused by free radicals but it’s also enriched with Vitamin C, folic acid, and caffeine acid, often linked to citrus fruits.

Reduces Dark Circles & Treats Dull Skin

It’s true that pollution, dirt, and stress take a toll on our skin and can impact the natural sheen on our faces. And cucumber helps to infuse life in your dull and lifeless skin while rejuvenating it from within due to hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, putting slices of cucumber on your eyes will not only help you to relieve your eyes from all the stress but cucumber works wonders for dark circles. Well, don’t forget to apply an eye cream afterward.

Alleviates Sunburns

Have you spend too much time in the sun or you forgot to apply your sunblock? Well, yes Aloe Vera is popular for alleviating your sunburns but cucumber is neither the less. Cucumber helps to soothe mildly burnt or damaged skin that helps to alleviate your sunburn due to its cooling properties.

Cucumber As An Ingredient In Bella Vita Organic Products

Do you want to get straight to the chase and not worry about the DIY treatments growing mold? How about trying professionally formulated products instead, if you aren’t a big fan of DIYs yet. Here are a few of Bella Vita Organic products infused with the goodness and nourishment of cucumber to keep your skin cool all through the summer season.

Glowner Rose Water Face Toner & Mist

Cucumber works as a mild astringent, that’s often found in toners and mist. It’s an important step in our skincare routine because it helps to balance your skin’s pH level, nourishes your skin, refine pores, and helps in getting rid of excess oil. Glowner Rose Water Face Toner & Mist is a natural rose-water-induced toner that helps to minimize open pores and acne formations.

And cucumber helps to reduce premature ageing, calms, and soothes the skin. It sweeps deep within your skin due to its high water content while healing your skin. It’s a natural toner that can be used every day for a radiant complexion.

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EyeLift Under Eye Cream

When we think about spa days, we think of those fluffy robes and relaxing cucumber slices placed on our eyes. Cucumbers contain antioxidants that help to reduce the appearance of swelling and soothe the delicate skin. And EyeLift Under Eye Cream is designed for the sensitive under-eye area that helps to repair the dark circles and reduce the puffiness. Rich in high water content, cucumber helps in lightening the skin around the eyes while treating your dark circles. It has a lightweight texture that makes it non-sticky and doesn’t irritate your eye area.

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Micellar Water

Remember to remove your makeup before hitting the bed to get rid of the dirt, makeup, SPF, oil, and bacteria that have been built on your skin throughout the day. And Bella Vita Organic Micellar Water helps you to remove heavy, light, and waterproof makeup naturally. It’s a gentle natural makeup remover that cleans your face completely leaving it soft and hydrated. And cucumber helps to clean your face naturally & gently while soothing and hydrating your skin.

We bet you’re ready to delve into the fresh world of cucumbers with Bella Vita Organic products. Well, you’ll be needing more cucumbers than normal to get skin boost hydration and nourishment.

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Can we rub cucumber slices on my face?

Cucumber is packed with skin-benefiting nutrients and vitamins that ease and soothe most skin irritations. You can rub or place slices of cucumber on your skin and lie down for 10 minutes. Once done, you can splash water and apply a light gel cream.

Can we apply cucumber on the face daily?

Cucumbers have 96% water content, so there’s no harm as it provides a cooling and refreshing effect on the skin. It contains a protein that helps in skin tightening and makes your skin look smooth and supple.

Does cucumber make your skin glow & bright?

Cucumber delivers inflammation-fighting Vitamin C and Caffeic acid that helps to rejuvenate your complexion. Also, cucumber has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties that help to improve the appearance of large pores and acne which ultimately makes your skin glow.

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